Bed Bugs And How To Find Them

Many people do not have any idea what Bed Bugs do to a person. This is not surprising since people thought these bugs had been gotten rid of with pesticides in the 1950’s.

Unfortunately the pesticides had some nasty effects for humans as well as the bugs so we had to stop using them.

Unfortunately they are back. Most people are not aware of Bed Bugs until they itch. They also have ovalish bites. The itching and the bites many times lead people to believe they have been bitten by mosquitos or even dust mites.

Of cours most of us do not have the money to be able to get rid of our mattresses, chairs, or couches. We use spray or gel which does not take care of the problem.

Those things may help with mosquitos but not Bed Bugs. So our furniture remains infected with the bugs and we continue to get bitten.

So how is the average person to know that their house has these bugs? Some people can smell a sweetish raspberry scent if their house is heavily infected. Dogs trained to look for Bed Bugs can certainly find them by this scent.

The major way you can figure out if your home has these bugs is to examine the furniture. Bed Bugs leave fecal matter or soft egg shells in the seams of the mattress or upholstery.

You can find this evidence in other places as well in crevices, cracks, and holes.

Even the cracks between one part of a metal bed frame and the next can have bugs. Bed Bugs will also travel to furniture around the bed.

You should look in the wood cracks, the loose wall paper, and clothes in the dresser. Small electronics could be infected. Any of these places can be good hiding places.

The living room couch and chairs should be checked as well. Particularly if you have Bed Bugs in other parts of the house.

This process of checking will need to be extended to any other room or piece of furniture someone can sit or lay on.