Ways To Get Rid Of Mosquito Bites Fast

Summer is finally here and many of us will be spending our evenings outdoors enjoying the warm nights, that is until the mosquito’s find us.

Once they arrive on the scene a peaceful evening outdoors is punctuated by the sound of hands slapping various body parts as we try to defend ourselves from these blood sucking little pests that are as much a part of summer time as the ice cream man.

There are many mosquito repellents and deterrents on the market to help prevent mosquito attacks however many of them are made of toxic chemicals that are not good for us or the environment.

Fortunately there are several eco-friendly things you can do to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.

Environmentally Friendly Ways To Prevent Mosquitoes From Biting You

Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquitoes can breed in even a small amount of standing water and in order to cut down on the mosquitoes in your yard you need to check for and eliminate standing water.

Even a small amount of water can yield lots of mosquitoes so be alert for potential water basins such as depressions in trees and around sprinkler heads, old buckets, tires, watering cans, kids outdoor toys and wheel barrows which can also collect water that mosquitoes can use to breed in.

Maintain Your Yard

By keeping your lawn cut short, bushes pruned back, and avoiding letting leaves pile up during mosquito season you can eliminate potential mosquito roosting places since they like to congregate in areas that are shaded and well protected from the elements.

Plant Mosquito Repellent Shrubs

Planting shrubs that naturally repel mosquitoes is a great eco-friendly way to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard.

Lemon grass, Rosemary, Marigolds and Catnip are all plants whose scent, once released naturally repels mosquitoes.

You can find them all with the exception of Catnip at your local nursery or home improvement store. Catnip seeds can be purchased on Amazon www.amazon.com and are very easy to cultivate.

Cover Up

Covering up is an environmentally friendly way that you can prevent many mosquito bites from occurring. Instead of spraying Deet or some other chemically laden spray on your arms and legs to avoid being bitten, simply cover up your extremities by wearing long sleeved shirts and long pants while outdoors in the evening.

Use Non Toxic Pesticide Repellents

Avoid mosquito repellents that contain harmful toxins that are harmful to both you and the environment and stick with the many natural mosquito repellents that are currently on the market.

For those who prefer a spray repellent try a plant based Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Repellent. If sprays aren’t to your liking Badger Balm which comes in a tin or push up stick that you rub on your skin is a great eco-friendly choice to keep the mosquitoes away.

Keep The Air Moving

Moving air currents can prevent mosquitoes from biting you by making it difficult for them to fly near you and dispersing the carbon monoxide you breath out which is one of the things that attracts them to you in the first place. When mosquitoes are about try using an oscillating fan to keep the air moving and mosquitoes away.

Set The Mood

Conceal candles act as a natural inhibitor that stops mosquitoes from biting you by preventing them from smelling you.

Made from non toxic essential oils these candles are good for you and the environment. To be the most effective don’t place candles on a table or porch railing.

Instead place them less than a foot from the ground so that their scent wafts around your entire body instead of just your upper half.

Eco friendly Conceal candles are available online from Mosquito Solutions www.mosquitosolutions.com

No amount of prevention, repellent or caution will completely prevent mosquitoes from biting you and your loved ones this summer.

However if you utilize these tips you can lessen impact of mosquitoes on your summer fun in a safe and eco-friendly way that is good for you, your family and the environment.