Homemade Propane Mosquito Trap

One of the most dangerous and pesky bugs to plague modern society is the mosquito. There have been natural and chemical treatments that have been tried over the years with limited success in their effectiveness to rid us of these pests.

Now though, you can create your own homemade propane mosquito trap that will not only trap pesky mosquitoes but also those horrible black flies.

The materials needed for this project are a single burner propane stove, a small cart, and a low power small shop vacuum.

In addition to this, you will need a ceramic stone-the size of the propane stove, a propane tank, a few zip ties and a pair of scissors.

Finally, you will need either Octenol or Lurex 3 liquid that can be obtained at a local hardware store. With these materials gathered together, you can begin building your own homemade mosquito trap.

The first step in building your own propane mosquito trap is to connect the propane tank to the single burner propane stove.

With this done, place these items in the small cart and place the stove on top of the propane tank.

Now, lay the ceramic stone on top of the single burner propane stove. Then you will need to use the zip ties to fasten the propane stove to the top of the propane tank. Use the scissors to cut off any excess plastic from the zip ties.

Next, set the hose from the shop vacuum next to the propane stove and the ceramic stone. You will want to attach this also to the top of the propane tank using zip ties.

Again use the scissors to cut off any excess plastic from the zip ties. Now place the shop vacuum into the cart next to the propane tank.

The final step of the construction of your own propane mosquito trap is to cover the ceramic stone with the Octenol or Lurex 3 liquid.

Be careful and use rubber gloves when doing this to prevent any kind of allergic reaction to the chemical. At this point the trap is complete and can be activated.

To activate the trap, plug the vacuum into a power socket and then turn it to the lowest setting possible. Then open the valve on the propane tank to where the stove is releasing just a very small amount of propane.

Be certain to keep this mosquito trap away from areas that have open flames as the propane can explode. Also be sure to use a quality vacuum that has no frayed or exposed wires that could send a spark into the propane causing an explosion.

With this done, the homemade mosquito trap is ready to be used. It is best used outdoors about 30 feet away from areas that mosquitoes breed.

It works because the propane reacts with the Octenol or Lurex 3 in the ceramic stone to fool mosquitoes into thinking that the trap is a living animal.

When the mosquito comes to bite, the vacuum gives the mosquito the impression that this is where the animal is inhaling air and the mosquito will enter the vacuum hose’s mouth and be sucked in to their doom.

The suction of the vacuum will keep the mosquito from being able to escape.

It is recommended that one does not operate this trap for more than an hour or two at a time so that you do not overheat the vacuum or completely exhaust the propane supply.

However, even operating this trap for this short amount of time will eliminate over two acres worth of mosquitoes over the course of a month, if the trap is used on a daily basis.

When it comes time to replace the propane tank, simply cut the zip ties on the trap and follow the above steps for reassembly. A single propane tank usually will last about 30 to 45 days if used for just an hour each day.

Overall the benefits of this trap are awesome in that it can help to eliminate some of the most pesky insects known to man.

Also an added benefit is that this machine will work just as well as those $500 machines that are for sale at the local home improvement center.

In the end, there is no better way to be rid of mosquitoes than to construct and use your own homemade propane mosquito trap.


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