Can One Mosquito Bite Cause West Nile

With mosquito season in full swing, and West Nile Virus cases already being reported for this year, companies offering mosquito barriers have seen their business booming.

Full mosquito home barriers claim to be the answer to nasty bug sprays and allergies to repellents containing DEET. But does their product really work, and does it really mean you can throw out your insect repellent?

Mosquito magnet defenders work by mimicking human and animal breath and body heat to attract female mosquitoes looking for places to bite so they can get blood to lay their eggs.

These machines look like small drill presses with propane tanks attached to them. Most of these defenders attract mosquitoes by omitting a gas that lures mosquitoes to the machine, than traps and kills them.

These machines are small and portable, making it easy to move the machine around to areas of the yard most heavily populated by mosquitoes.

Other types of mosquito barriers include sprays you can use over your entire yard and grass to eliminate mosquitoes. These are applied much like regular bug sprays and repellents.

Another type of repellent is a misting system similar to water misting systems used for gazebos and outdoor patios.

These can be setup over the entire perimeter of your yard, and omit a repellent to detract mosquitoes and other insects.

Mosquito Magnet is one of the leaders in the mosquito defender world and is one of the most popular machines sold. Mosquito Magnet claims that within a matter of weeks, the mosquito population is virtually eliminated in your yard.

The Mosquito Magnet offers machines in both corded and cordless versions and covers approximately 1/2-1 acre per machine.

The cost will set you back about $300. Refills are extra and typically run about $30. This machine offers portability to move your machine to various areas where mosquitoes are populating the most.

It also offers a cordless and corded version and holds up well in inclement weather. It also protects against the aggressive Asian Tiger mosquito–a day biting mosquito. The drawbacks are obviously the price and the fact you will have to buy refills for the machine.

In addition, the Mosquito Magnet states nowhere on it’s website that you won’t have to stop using mosquito repellent, or that it will eliminate mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus. So, you’ll still want to keep the repellent handy.

The Mosquito Magnet rated well by Consumer Reports. However, the Consumer Reports study of the Mosquito Magnet was done over 20 hours in a lab setting.

Various user reviews were mixed, many with complaints that the machine had a hard time working over long periods of time, or stopped working after being stored over winter. For more information, go to

Another company claiming to provide a much more affordable alternative to the Mosquito Magnet is Mosquito Barrier.

This company claims that mosquitoes dislike garlic. So, they formulated a very expensive soybean oil and garlic formula that you can spray over your entire yard and grass to protect against mosquitoes and kill mosquito larvae.

The oil acts to suffocate mosquito larvae, and the garlic kills adult mosquitoes and acts as a deterrent to other mosquitoes wanting to enter the yard.

The company claims that one gallon will suffice for the entire mosquito season, even in places where the mosquito is the state bird.

One gallon of the Mosquito Barrier will cost you about $85, a smaller quart version is available for $25. A quart version covers 1.25 acres, and the gallon version covers approximately 5 acres.

The company recommends spraying your yard approximately four separate times during the heavy mosquito seasons.

Mosquito Barrier offers a nice price on their product making it easy to afford and try. It also covers large areas, and kills both larvae and adult mosquitoes.

The product is also organic. The drawbacks are obviously the price. You could probably make a home version of the product for much less money.

The reviewers on Amazon who bought the product claimed that some of the drawbacks of the product were that while it greatly reduced the number of mosquitoes, it didn’t eliminate all of them, especially in heavily populated mosquito areas.

Keep your mosquito repellent handy. To find out more information, go to

The last kind of mosquito deterrent available is the mosquito fence by Mosquito Mister. This version is set up similar to those water misting systems you use in the summer time, except this one is setup along the fence line of your entire yard.

Along your fence-line at intervals a mist of mosquito repellent is omitted to reduce, not eliminate mosquitoes. The product is not all natural but has been considered by various reviewers to be the best defense system against mosquitoes.

Again, don’t get rid of the can of repellent. While Mosquito Mister doesn’t state a price because each home is considered a custom job, you can go to their website for more information regarding the product at

While none of these products will cause you to do a celebration dance and throw out those citronella tiki torches, it will greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes and mosquito transmitted diseases entering your yard.

These products also claim to repel many other types of bugs like flies too, so consider one of these system types too if those kinds of bugs are also a nuisance.

While pricey, you can choose the type of repellent that best fits your budget and lifestyle.