Milton Bradley Bed Bugs Game

As a child, Bed Bugs (MB) by far was the game of all games. It was the cream of the crop, the funnest game above and beyond all other games.

However when I went looking for this game at my local Walmart I was pretty stunned to find that it was not available.

I could not find it at the store, they did not sell it anymore. Even Toys R Us, the one place I thought I would definitely find Bed Bugs did not have this game in stock. Some employees had never even heard of Bed Bugs!

My God, its time to revive Bed Bugs then!

What is Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs is basically a plastic motorized game board made to look like a bed. The bed itself is red, and a flat panel piece of cardboard lies on top of the bed.

The cardboard panel is drawn on to look like a beds blanket, with a crazed man under the covers with a look of shock on his face! Of course he is shocked though, his bed is covered in bed bugs, and it is up to you to catch them all.

How To Play:

Bed Bugs comes of course with the motorized plastic bed, a swarm of 48 bed bugs colored red, yellow, blue and green, and a set of 4 tongs which are used to capture the bed bugs.

Playing Bed Bugs is simple, yet difficult all the same. You turn the bed on, and use your tongs to catch your colored bugs. You can go head to head with up to 4 players.

Each player picks which color tongs they want to use, depending on the color chosen will determine what color bed bugs you have to pick up.

When the bed is turned on though, the bed bugs go jumping around the bed making it difficult to capture the bugs. When you have all of your colored bed bugs captured, you win!

This game was always fun for us as kids, and this game will offer tons of fun to kids today. 15 years later and I will still recommend this game.

Bed Bugs not only helps kids with hand and eye coordination, but it also helps teach children differences between colors.


Bed Bugs is a classic game that MB needs to bring back! Although the bed bugs are small and not intended for younger children, I still highly recommend this one to children who know not to put things in their mouths.

Where To Find Bed Bugs:

Bed Bugs will not be found in local stores. You can however pick up a vintage Bed Bugs game on ebay for under $10.00!

If you get lucky you may even come across this game at a local yard sale for even less. For complete sets though, you’re going to want to buy the game off of Ebay.

Bed Bugs has been a game I have kept in my closet since I was a child. Our game still works, 15 years later. It would of been great to buy a more modern version of the game for my niece and nephew.

Although I love the original version, a spruced up new version of the game would be awesome! Hear me out MB!

-This game requires 2 C batteries to operate.