How To Stop Itching Mosquito Bites Naturally

Summer is here, and along with summer comes the mosquitoes and every other bug that lives in the heat. Mosquitoes of course bite and leave one of the worse itches that any bug can possibly leave.

You know that once you have been bitten, all you want to do is scratch it completely off, or find something to stop it from itching. Here are some great ways to help relieve that itching feeling from the mosquito bite.


Grab a tube of Orajel, yes the toothache reliever and place just a little dab on the mosquito bites. This will immediately numb the skin and relieve that itching feeling for a couple of hours. Repeat once the itching comes back.

Butter Knife

Get yourself a butter knife and place it directly on the mosquito bite. Press down and make an X with the knife. This spreads out the protein in the bite and stop it from itching for about an hour or so.

Works just like your fingernail, just cleaner. Unless of course you have completely sanitized your fingernails.

Band Aids

Place a band-aid tight on the mosquito bite. This will completely stop all the itch until it is taken off. The best ones to use are the small circle ones that cover the bite completely.

This does work very well. My Grandmother always use to do this when we were in the Keys for the weekend.

Last but not least..


A very hot wash cloth placed directly on the bite will stop the itching for quite sometime. Try and make the wash cloth as hot as you can possibly stand it, without burning yourself. Repeat process when itching begins again.