How To Get Rid Bed Bugs Naturally

If you watch the news, you have heard that bed bugs are back and that there have been some massive infestations. These horrible little bugs are a health concern.

They can bite. They can cause rashes and irritations of the skin. For these reasons, we all should know how to get rid of these annoying bed bugs if we find them in our homes.

First, how can you get them? You may get them from hotels when traveling. You may get them from staying at such places as a college dormitory.

You also may get them from used furniture. If you rent, they also may be hiding in your new home without you realizing it.

What is the best way to get rid of bed bugs?

Hire an exterminator

The cost of hiring an exterminator and then replacing your belongings (furniture, bedding, etc) can run you up to $5,000. What else can you do?

Remember heat will kill bed bugs

Expose them to direct high temperatures and they will die. This means you can wash any clothes that you suspect contains bedbugs in hot water and they will die. You can also wash pillow cases, some small rugs, etc.

Remember your dryer expels hot heat

Items such as bedding, stuffed animals, and anything that can fit into your dryer and survive your hottest spin cycle for 15 to 20 minutes can go into your dryer. If bedbugs are hiding in these items they will die.

A small note, if these items contain bedbugs the laundry baskets you may have kept them in will contain them, too. Put these baskets into a sealed disposable bag and then throw them out with the trash.

Do not use bombs or foggers to kill bedbugs

Bedbugs are not roaches. They can not ingest poison and diet later. Bombs and foggers will not kill them. Using them is just a way to waste money.

If you can’t get rid of the bedbugs, consider this when calling an exterminator

You will more than likely need the exterminator to come out more than once. Ask him/her how many follow up visits are usually needed, how much this will cost in total and if you have to sign a contract.

Do not ignore bedbugs. They will continue to multiply and they do pose a health issue. Many people will find that they are more allergic to these pests than others.

However, anyone could become sick once bitten by them and it can interrupt everyone’s sleep, since the night is when they like to come out, pester and bite.