How To Kill Bed Bugs Fast And Easy

Many folks do not realize they have a bedbug problem at first. They may notices bites that are very itchy and numerous. Most of the time the victim of the bedbug bites will think they have been bitten by mosquitoes.

Months may go by before you suspect something more sinister as the bedbug. Bedbugs are hard to see and you most likely will never catch them in the act of biting you.

When biting their pray they will inject an anesthesia which will make it impossible to know they are biting you. Bedbugs will hide in the daytime, most of the time in mattresses, cracks, box springs and furniture.

They will not come out to attack thier pray until the late hours of the night. One good thing about bedbugs is they are not disease carriers.

Some people may be allergic to the bedbug bite. Being allergic to bedbugs is rare in most cases, but if you feel you may be allergic to the bedbug bite seek medical treatment.

The bedbug bite looks very similar to the mosquito bite. One thing different that you will notice is that the bedbug bites occur in a row.

If you think you may have bedbugs you most likely want to get rid of the bedbugs fast. This article will show you how to kill bedbugs fast.

First to kill bedbugs fast you will need to know where they are hiding. Take a part your mattress and box spring. Grab a flash light and look for signs of bedbugs.

Some of the signs of bedbugs would be blood stains and bedbug droppings. If you find them hiding in your mattress you will know that will be your first treatment area.

Wash all linens and blankets in hot water, by doing this you will ensure the bedbugs will be removed from your bedding.

Make sure the bedroom is free from clutter and vacuum the area entirely. After vacuuming throw out the vacuum bag, this will ensure all that is sucked up is removed from your home.

After cleaning your bedroom you are going to spray down your mattress, box spring and carpet with tea tree oil. This will kill the bedbugs instantly.

Tea tree oil can be purchased at most health food stores. You, will most likely need to buy a big bottle for repeat usage. Make sure not to get tea tree oil on furniture that could be damaged by it.

If you don’t want to spray tea tree oil you can use rubbing alcohol this also has been known to kill bedbugs on contact.

The best bet in killing bedbugs fast would be to call in a professional. This can be costly but it is the most effective way to eliminate them completely.

Bedbugs are resilient creatures and it will take a lot of work to get rid of them. The easiest and fasted way would be to leave all your belongings behind and start over.

This of course cannot always be done and the three options above are the easiest and fastest ways on how to kill bedbugs fast.