Keep Fleas And Ticks Out Of Yard

While fleas are just obnoxious, ticks and mosquitoes can carry numerous dangerous diseases.

To keep your family and pets free of these nasty little insects, without any harmful chemicals, you will need only a jar of minced garlic and a spray bottle.

Start by placing a few tablespoons of the minced garlic into the spray bottle, then fill the bottle halfway with water.

Let the mixture set for a few hours and then spray directly onto pets and the around the outside of your house.

You can also use this on your shoes and pants for any outings you might have in wooded or grassy areas.

For camping, it is best to spray all around the outside of your tent, even directly onto the outside of the tent if you can tolerate the smell.

This is a great alternative to the expensive and toxic sprays that you can buy and is very easy to make.