How Do I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs And Roaches

How did your day start? Did you wake up and find little tiny circular bite marks on your body. You could have bedbugs!

That is what is happening in hotels and motels as well as homes all across the United States. It isn’t funny and it isn’t fun.

The good news is that they don’t usually transmit any kind of disease. Now what do you do? Bedbugs are hard to control and they like to get into the folds of mattresses. They are mostly active at night.

Bedbugs are usually less than a quarter of an inch long with a broad body and are brown to reddish in color. They hide near buttons, the edge of the mattress, baseboards, cracks and crevices, in the frame of the bed, and I always see them in pictures near the edge of a glassed -in picture.

Go to your local department store, Wal-Mart, hardware store, or even the grocery store and buy the cheapest spray insecticide you can buy.

Spray it on the bed lightly but fairly heavy on the edges, buttons, and folds as well as baseboards, pictures, nightstands, the bed frame and all over the nearby area.

Be sure to let the bed dry before putting sheets back on. Flat broke? Get an old Glass Cleaner spray bottle or other spray bottle, clean it out, and spray the aforementioned areas with rubbing alcohol.

Let it dry and I wouldn’t smoke in bed for a while. That was pretty gross but if you have bedbugs you already know it or have guessed that you have some kind of problem.

Roaches are a different problem. There are numerous species of roaches in the United States. Probably one of the worst types of roaches for making you miserable is the German roach.

German roaches are usually half an inch or so long as an adult and have two dark stripes on their pronotal shield (part of their head).

Roaches are one of the most filthy insects other than flies that you can get. They cause enormous problems in urban areas rural areas and everywhere in between.

I have seen grown men that work changing oil in cars run screaming from their breakroom because of roaches. Roaches have been implicated as a primary cause of asthma in some areas.

They shed their skins and these become airborne dust particles.

Roaches spread disease and are known to eat just about anything including glue and soap.