Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs In Books

Make your book-reading adventures free of sneaky bed bug creatures that bite and irritate. Avoid parasite infestations and fumigation concerns. Know where they hide for your sanity and a peaceful night’s sleep.

This article reveals a secret place for you to inspect. Take action now and thoroughly scrutinize books borrowed from the public library. Careful examination ensures an itch-free, positive solution.

Public Libraries

What if the favorite book you checked out at the library has some unwelcome hitchhikers. Inspect the book spine carefully before stretching out on the couch for a relaxing weekend read. If itching and scratching raised welts is not on your comfort menu, take charge today.

According to “The New York Times,” bed bugs occasionally hide in hardcover spines of public library books. The parent bug glues the rice-sized eggs inside the book’s binding.

The mature bed bug uses the “stick-fast” method to help ensure a safe, protected hatching nursery for her offspring and the continued survival of her family. Avoid this hatchery in your castle.

Popular Books Find Their Way Into Multiple Homes

Books in high circulation require waiting lists. If one of those multiple homes has a bed bug problem, you’re next in line. Inspect the book carefully before taking it home.

Missing the Clues

An apple-seed sized mature bug crawling out of your book and onto your bedclothes is a disturbing sight. Bed bugs look for food supplies. You’re the food supply. If you want to fight back, here’s how:

  1. Airtight Seal: Grab a plastic food bag and zip the book sealed. More than one infested book requires more bags. Seal the whole lot.
  2. Freeze: Freeze the book for a few weeks at a low temperature.
  3. Heat: Build your own cardboard solar heater and place the book inside. Try storing the contaminated book inside a hot car for a few hours. Use the power of the sun for a bed bug solution.

Call the Library for Their Guidelines

Applying heat to a book causes premature aging. Call the library first before applying home remedies. Accidentally destroying a book mandates a costly book replacement.

Meeting outside the building for the borrowed exchange may be required. Whatever method you choose, keep reading books. Luxuriating with a favorite classic aids in unwinding and relaxes mind, body and spirit.