How To Exterminate Bed Bugs

Bed mites can cause a lot of problems especially when the infestation gets extremely severe. Aside from skin irritations, bed mites can trigger many different allergic reactions and cause severe infections.

For this very reason, it’s necessary to learn how to kill bed bugs. Learning how to get rid of such can help promote a healthier and better living condition.

There are several ways to kill bed mites, some of these include chemical treatments while others only call for simple home remedies.

PyGanic Dust

PyGanic Dust is an insect dessicant. It is a low odor product and comes in fine white dust form. PyGanic Dust effectively attacks the exoskeleton of the insect.

When insects such as bed mites get exposed to PyGanic Dust, they lose moisture and eventually die. Application of PyGanic Dust may last for more than a year depending on the place of application.

It’s highly recommended to use hand dusters instead of power dusters when applying PyGanic Dust. However, before applying PyGanic Dust, it’s important to consult first an expert.

Phantom Aerosol

Another product that may be used to treat bed bug infestation is Phantom Aerosol. The most distinguishing factor about Phantom Aerosol is that it dries up quickly barely leaving any residue.

Additionally, Phantom Aerosol is ideal for porous materials because it doesn’t seep through surfaces and remains available for transfer and pickup.

It is an ideal for bed bug infestation specifically because it undetected by most pests such as bed bugs that it can easily trap and kill.

Bed bugs die from Phantom Aerosol because they have either come in contact or ingested it. Further, Phantom Aerosol does not easily breakdown so users are assured they have a long lasting effect.

Before using the product, it’s highly recommended to understand first the instructions. Phantom Aerosols are available in easy to use spray bottles.

Bedlam Aerosols

Bedlam Insecticide Aerosol is known for its mild nature. It does not easily irritate skin and is water-based. Further, bedlam aerosols are ideal for furniture, garments, blankets and other types of fabric because it does not leave stains.

Further, this type of product has residual control and only kills insects upon direct contact. Bedlam aerosols are good for cracks and crevices around the house.

They can effectively prevent bed bug entry and kills when pests attempt to go in. The effects of such aerosols extends up to 2 weeks so application is convenient.