How To Avoid Getting Bed Bugs While Traveling

Bed bugs are a nuisance that can be hard to get rid of once you find out your home is infested with them. They are hardy little pests that can withstand changes in temperature and other environmental factors.

But how can you avoid bed bugs when you travel?

Bed Bug Hype

It is easy to get caught up in the scaremongering that would have you believe that hotels are riddled with bed bugs and that you would be a fool to stay in some hotel chains.

But even though bed bugs are making the news, especially in big cities by the coast, for the most part, you are unlikely to come into contact with bed bugs.

But you should still exercise caution while you travel so that you can do all you reasonably can to avoid a bed bug infestation.

Keep Your Guard Up

As soon as you check in, it is tempting to drop your suitcase down and just collapse in a heap on the bed and unwind from the day’s journey.

However, it is when you let your guard down that you are most likely to come across bed bugs. It does not matter whether you are staying in a luxury château or a budget inn with the bare minimum, you should start off by inspecting the room carefully for evidence of a bed bug infestation.

Check for a Bed Bug Infestation

Start off by checking for black or red spots on the corner of a mattress under the sheets. Then lift the mattress up and inspect underneath to see if there are any bed bugs lurking.

Bedbugs are small, about the size of an apple seed, and are dark. Use a plastic card, such as the hotel room key, and run it in between cracks in the headboard and in other cracks where there could be bed bugs lying in wait.

If you find black specks or tiny flecks of blood spatters, this is evidence of a bed bug infestation and you should ask to be re-roomed.

Check other locations too where bed bugs could be lurking such as the baggage stand. Finally, when you get home place all your clothing straight into the washing machine on a hot wash.

Stop bed bugs in their tracks while you travel by always keeping your guard up. Bed bugs can lurk in the most upscale hotel, as well as budget hotels, so do not be fooled into thinking pricier hotels are not prone to bed bugs.

Conduct a thorough search for bed bug specks and flecks of blood and move rooms if you see any evidence of bed bugs.