How Many Cases Of Bed Bugs Per Year

Remember the saying “Don’t let the bed bugs bite”? With the rise in cases of bed bugs in the United States, you might not be laughing when someone says it.

Don’t be mislead either, bed bugs aren’t only found in your bed. Bed bugs can be found in other rooms of your home and your belongings.

A bed bug is a blood feeding parasite of humans, birds and animals. A bed bug is usially 1.5 mm – 1 cm long. They are almost flat and oval.

A bed bug does not have wings. An adult bed bug can live 1 year without feeding. After a feeding of blood, a bed bug will have eggs.

A female bed bug can have 200 – 500 eggs. A bed bug egg is about 1mm in size. A bed bug egg can take 4 – 6 weeks to hatch.

Bed bugs hide their eggs in mattress seams, box springs, bedding, head boards, sofas and other furniture, carpeting, drapes, picture frames and cracks or crevices that are about as wide as a business card.

A bed bugs devlopement will stop when temperatures are below 55 degrees fahrenhiet or above 90 degrees fahrenhiet.

Bed bugs thrive in tems between 68 – 80 degrees fahrenhiet. An adult bed bug can crawl 4 feet in one minute, while a nymph can crawl about 1 foot in on minute.

Bed bugs are spread by being on people, in luggage or belongings, buying infected used furniture, animal cages, etc. Bed bugs prefer wood and fabrics.

However, a bed bug will also travel on metal, plastic and other surfaces. A bed bug bite is painless, yet itchy. A bed bug bite is a small red spot, often in groups of three and it’s not centralized to one part of the body.

If you suspect or know for certain, you have bed bugs. You may use a product called Steri-fab. To use Steri-fab, move infected area away from walls, curtains and other furniture. Then use as directed.

For preventions, pull the bed away from walls, curtains and other furniture. Put little dishes of mineral spirits around the bed posts.

Then put double sided tape on the bed post. This will stop bed bugs from traveling up into your bed.

Also, Protecta Bed Bug Box Spring and Matress Covers are sold. Those are the best for preventing bed bugs in your bed.

If you are wondering where there have been reported bed bugs in hotels, apartment complexes and other places, you may check the Bed Bug Registry.

If you have family or friends that travel be aware of where they have been, where their luggage is while in your home.

When in doubt or things get out of hand, call your local pest control dealer. They can help you with a number of different treatments methods and aid you in prevention.