How Do I Recognize Bed Bugs

Why do we need to know how to recognize and identify a bedbug infestation? Up until a couple years ago, I thought bedbugs were an issue of the distant past.

I didn’t even know what they looked like. I thought they would look like tiny fleas or something of that nature. Turns out I was dead wrong on all counts. Here’s information on recognizing and identifying a bedbug infestation.

Modern day bedbugs

Bedbugs are visible and intimidating. They are now featured in the news on a daily basis. It seems these blood suckers have infested homes all across the nation.

Some people have a bedbug problem and don’t even know it. A lot of people also don’t realize how difficult it has become to get rid of bedbugs. This makes it important to learn how to recognize and identify a bedbug infestation early on.

What is the initial indication you may have bedbugs?

Initially, you will notice waking up with bites. Most of the bites will be on the feet, legs and arms. Unfortunately, many people don’t recognize the problem as bedbugs right away.

As time goes on, the bedbug problem will intensify, to the point where the biting keeps you awake at night. This is when most people connect the issue with bedbug infestation.

Unfortunately, bedbugs are more difficult to get rid of as time goes by. They become established in the home.

What do bedbugs look like?

Baby bedbugs are quite small. They are oval in appearance and clear. They turn red when they have bitten someone. Mature bedbugs are about an inch long.

They are brown in color. There are two pictures of bedbugs on this article. One is a baby bedbug. The other is an adult. If you see one bedbug, it’s likely you soon identify and recognize many more. Bedbugs are very prolific.

Where do bedbugs live?

For the most part, bedbugs live in mattresses. This is a convenient location for finding their food source. What is their food source?

Bedbugs drink blood, particularly, human blood. Bedbugs can also hide in other places, such as the baseboards of your home, or the seams and cushions of other furniture. They can get into wood furniture and carpets as well.

What does a bedbug infested mattress look like?

Recognizing and identifying a bedbug infested mattress is not difficult. You will see brown spots and live or dead bugs near the seams and in between the mattress and box-springs.

Bedbugs can and will infest either. You will also likely see a lot of live and dead bedbugs on the floor under the bed. With bad infestations, you will also find them on walls near the baseboards and in other furniture.

What does a bedbug bite look and feel like?

A bedbug bite looks a lot like a mosquito bite. It also itches like one. If you are trying to recognize and identify a bedbug bite, look for multiples.

Unlike mosquitoes, bedbugs are likely to bite several times while feeding. Look carefully at the individual bites too. Often there will be several fang marks in each bite.

People who are allergic to bedbug bites may experience swelling and need medical treatment, just as with any allergic reaction.

What do I do once I recognize and identify bedbugs in my home?

Begin by throwing away any infested furniture. Even if you spray to remove bedbugs, the bugs and eggs can live on to breed and hatch again.

They can hide in the smallest places. Wash all your clothing and bedding. Hang it in the hot sun or place in the dryer on high heat to kill any survivors.

Call a professional exterminator. They can recommend the best procedure and will often spray in cycles to be sure all the newly hatched bedbugs are eliminated. For natural solutions, go here.