How Do Bed Bugs Attack You

Just a few days ago I was chilling on the floor of my office bedroom with my husband and baby girl. While she wiggled around in delight to the tune of my husband’s guitar playing, I beamed with love and joy at my happy family.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt a sharp painful stabbing sensation on my ankle and jumped up from where I sat. I screamed as I watched a huge cockroach looking insect crawl away from me towards my unsuspecting daughter.

“Kill it! KILL IT!” I shouted at my husband, who automatically grabbed my daughter out of harms way and smashed the evil bug.

I whimpered as I writhed in pain in my foot from whatever had just bitten me.

“What IS it?!” I shouted.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I was just attacked by a Kissing Bug, also known as an Assassin Bug or Mexican Bed Bug. These nasty little creatures thrive off of the blood of the innocent, and I just happened to be dinner at that particular moment.

It turns out, as we quickly researched on the Internet, these little buggers (pardon the pun) can carry Chagas disease, a kind of parasite that invades the heart.

I guess it is very prevalent in Mexico as 21,000 people a year die from it. And 40% of these nasty devils carry this parasite so I am going to the doctor on Thursday to have my blood evaluated.

Hopefully I don’t have it, because if I do, I will have to take anti-parasitic drugs to make it go away.

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much that night. I kept having visions of giant bed bugs coming at me in my sleep, sucking my blood and stinging me repeatedly.

Call me paranoid, but wouldn’t that make YOUR skin crawl? From what I have researched on line, they can live in the folds of your sheets.

They sit there and wait for you to fall asleep. The reason they are called “kissing bugs” is that they are attracted to the CO2 that is emitted from your mouth when you breath, and thus they like to feast right next to your unsuspecting lips for lunch (or dinner). Hence the name “kissing bug”.

Icky! I don’t sit down on the carpet anymore with out thoroughly inspecting the area first. You never know what kind of bug will be waiting in the dark to come out and attack you.

I have to bring this insect in to the doctor’s office on Thursday, all wrapped up in tissue paper. They probably think I am a little nuts, calling up, asking me, “What is the reason for your appointment?”
“Oh, I was bitten by this weird bug.”
Only in Arizona, my friends.
ONLY in Arizona.
I will have to talk to my doctor about insomnia medication as well, I suppose.