Easy Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs At Home

How many times have you heard about pesky bed bugs that can attack even the most luxurious, highly rated hotels?

They easily adapt themselves to just about any kind of environment and can scare the wits out of you when you feel them biting in the middle on the night.

Although what usually come to your mind when faced with bed bug problems is to call a professional bug exterminator, you can first try home remedies for how to get rid of bed bugs which will not only save you some money but can bring about fast results as well.

Bed bugs (scientific name: Cimex lectularius) are known to feed on the blood of humans and other warm blooded animals, and have been known to be in existence for several centuries already.

They proliferate in warm environments such as tropical countries and even warm places in the US such as Florida. They do most of their activities at night, usually a few hours before dawn.

Their bodies have two tubes, one of which is used to inject a fluid into their victim’s blood to make it thinner and the other one to suck the blood from the victim’s skin.

The victim will usually not feel the bite, but itchy sensations and sometimes red welts will occur on the skin later.

To determine if you have a bed bug infestation in your house, look for the following signs: miniscule dried blood stains on your headboard or mattress, bed bug skins which they shed during their early stage of growth and bed bug eggs which look like small grains of rice.

Bed bugs thrive not just on dirty surroundings, but anywhere where they can find warm bodies. Hotels, hospitals and cruise ships are the most common areas where bed bugs multiply, because of the number of people coming and going to these places.

Bed bugs can easily attach themselves to a luggage and can then be moved to another place easily. Home remedies for how to get rid of bed bugs are quite limited.

You can try safe home remedies made of organic material such as insecticides with pyrethrins from fruits and vegetables.

Heat is a good bug killer, and you can do this either using the dryer or exposing items which you suspect to have bed bugs under the sun.

Try putting infected clothes, shoes, bags, bed linens inside the dryer for a minimum of 5 minutes that will expose the items to about 150 degrees, which is enough to kill the bugs. You’ll kill more bugs if you run your dryer up to about 20 minutes.

Spraying alcohol on infected areas is also a good home remedy for how to get rid of bed bugs. Using steamers for your linens, pillows and other infected items may also work.

Although bed bugs have not yet been confirmed to cause any communicable disease, an infestation of these small insects can create a foul odor in the area, and can also cause ugly skin welts.

Try these home remedies for bed bugs first before you call a professional exterminator as they have been proven to work just as successfully in getting rid of these insects.