Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally Home

There are many insecticides available out there, but are they safe? In the 1940’s DDT was used to eradicate the “bed bug” and they almost disappeared here in the U.S., but with the DDT ban in the 50’s there has been a slow resurgence since then.

Now, we have a pretty long list of new one’s and here are just a few of the most popular that are used by most pest control outfits:Malathion, Pyrethrins, Drione Dust, Dragnet / Delta Dust Flee, Allethrin, Tempo Dust and Suspend SC. I have not even heard of most of these.

There Are Natural Approaches That Are Environmentally Safe

1- Boric Acid

This is usually diluted with water and spread with a sponge but can also be sprayed on suspected surfaces with a spray mist bottle. It should never be applied directly to the box spring or mattress.

2- DE, better known as diatomaceous earth

Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth is not a toxic pesticide. It is non toxic to animals or humans. When a “bug” walks through it the bug becomes dehydrated and dies.

The key is to apply the powder where the bugs will travel, but since the “bed bug” cannot fly, it is wise to put some around the legs of your bed or beds. Keep all the edges of your bed away from the wall. Don’t let your blankets hang to the floor.

Another precaution is to spray some into the wall around the wall plug assembly housings by removing the wall plug plates.

You will have to buy yourself a spray bottle of the type that is used for squirting ketchup onto hotdogs or hamburgers.

Find any crevices no matter how small and spray some of the powder down into them being careful not to inhale the fine powder.

It can affect those with existing lung problems. It may be a wise thing to wear a dust protection mask during application.

A final precaution is to place a 2-inch wide band of DE around your home to protect from unwanted entry of all types of bugs. DE has been approved by the EPA and FDA but it is always wise to take precaution.

The principle behind the application of DE is that the “bugs” and this means every pest is very quickly eradicated because of its dehydrating characteristics.

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