Worst Bed Bug Cities

Once upon a time, bed bugs were a nasty problem that was never discussed above a whisper for fear of someone thinking your house was infested. Not anymore.

Bed bugs are the talk of the town; some towns more than others. They are in homes, stores, and offices all over the place, and they don’t seem to be getting any better. Do you live in one of the worst cities?

According to pest control company Terminix, the 15 most infested cities in the United States are:

15. Minneapolis, Minnesota

14. Cleveland, Ohio

13. Louisville, Kentucky

12. Indianapolis, Indiana

11. Boston, Massachusetts

10. Los Angeles, California

9. Washington D.C.

8. Dayton, Ohio

7. Columbus, Ohio

6. Denver, Colorado

5. Chicago, Illinois

4. Cincinnati, Ohio

3. Detroit, Michigan

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

And the most infested city is… New York City, New York. If you haven’t seen them there yet, give it time. They seem to be popping up everywhere, in stores, offices, and tourist attractions.

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