Why Are There Ants In My Room But No Food

Are you being pestered by ants even if you did all you can to keep them out?

Perhaps you have ensured that no food crumbs are left lying on your kitchen, your bedroom and the rest of the rooms in your house. But still, you find them coming in. Why?

No, there’s no problem with your house. The problem is with these pesky ants. Foods are not the only reason why they are invading your home. Ants are known as great hunters not only for foods but they also roam far and wide for many other reasons.

We will examine these other reasons in this article so that you will be able to understand ants more. In the process of learning more about them, you will also be able to protect yourself and your house from their marauding.

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What Kind Of Fish Eat Mosquito Larvae but not Tadpoles

Mosquito larvae

The good news is that most fish will eat mosquito larvae or wrigglers.

But a homeowner, gardener or aquarium owner who wants to stock their pond or tank with fish that will eat these pests but leave tadpoles alone have several options.

This article discusses seven fish that eat mosquitoes while not necessary bothering the tadpoles, but first:

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Is Lemon Juice a Good Mosquito Repellent?

Freshly squeezed lemon

Lemon juice being as though this is an all-natural product that is cheap and easily found on any store’s shelves, many people tend to gravitate toward its use as a mosquito repellant.

The reason that people were given the idea that lemon juice would work so well?

Well, manufactured repellents list “lemon” in their ingredients.

However, as a consumer, you should be more diligent in your reading and see that what they actually contain is “lemon eucalyptus” or “lemongrass oil”, neither of which are lemon juice.

Just because the citronella candle that wards off bugs from your outdoor dining table smells lemony, does not mean it is made with lemon juice.

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