Best Natural Mosquito Repellant

If mosquitoes are driving you batty, but you’re afraid to use strong pesticides around your kids and pets, these natural mosquito repellants might just help!

My son is allergic to mosquitoes. That’s nothing new to me or to him, but sadly, he’s also allergic to many of the products and pesticides used to repel or kill mosquitoes too.

This situation causes us to get more creative about finding ways to protect him from mosquito bites, so he doesn’t have to stay doped up on Benadryl all spring and summer.

Now that summer is in full force, mosquitoes are out in full force too! Already, my son has been bitten repeatedly by these evil little pests, so we’ve been experimenting with various methods of natural and/or pesticide-free mosquito repellants. Let’s look at a few of these.

Natural Mosquito Repellants

Fabric softener dryer sheets are said by many to repel pesty mosquitoes. If you’re not allergic to the chemicals in a dryer sheet, you can wipe your skin with a dryer sheet and put sheets in your belt loops to repel mosquitoes.

My son is allergic to dryer sheets, so this is not an option for him. Vick’s Vapo-Rub or any other strong scented eucalyptus rub or scent will naturally repel mosquitoes.

Citronella has long been known to repel mosquitoes, and that’s why a lot of mosquito repellant candles, flares, torches and such contains citronella.

Alcohol wipes or rubs will repel mosquitoes. Alcohol is cheap and will cool the skin as well if the temperatures are hot.

Pesticide Mosquito Repellants – Not on Skin

If someone is going to be outside where mosquitoes are, but can’t use pesticides, consider using a flea and tick collar for dogs, and put them over your socks, tie it to your shoelaces, or put them through belt loops.

This way, they can repel mosquitoes, without actually touching your skin.

Pesticide sprays (DEET, etc) can be sprayed onto clothing prior to putting the clothing on and as long as the person wearing the clothing isn’t going to be sweating much, the pesticide won’t touch their skin but will repel the mosquitoes. Just be sure to wash the clothing well afterward.

Pesticide-Free Mosquito Repellant

Bug zappers can zap mosquitoes if they are buzzing around you. They aren’t pleasant and they don’t really repel the pesty little mosquitoes, but they can at least reduce how many are flying around your area.

Bug strips, bug tape, fly tape, etc, will all help grab unsuspecting mosquitoes that fly by or land on it.

Over-the-Counter Products

Avon’s Skin so Soft spray has long been my favorite mosquito repellant and it really does leave your skin sooo soft!

It’s said people who drink plenty of tonic water will have a scent that humans can’t smell, but that mosquitoes can’t stand. Drink plenty of tonic water, and the buzzers will buzz elsewhere!

These are just a few ideas for helping repel or kill mosquitoes before they get to you and feed off your blood (shudders). Hopefully you can make it through the summer bite free!