Best Mosquito Net for Camping

All over the world, mosquitoes are a nuisance that can cause itchy bites and make a camping trip more difficult. But mosquitoes also carry illnesses that could be potentially deadly. Protecting yourself from mosquitoes is essential, particularly at night, when you’re vulnerable and the mosquitoes are most active.

For people planning to go backpacking in tropical areas, a standard part of a travel kit should be a mosquito net. Mosquito nets help protect your campsite and bed from unwanted pests. A good net is fine enough to protect against other biting insects as well. It’s much easier to sleep when you know you’re protected.

We’ve put together a list of some good mosquito net options, along with information on what you should be looking for in your ideal net.

Best Mosquito Net for Camping

#1. Coghlan’s Mosquito Net

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This mosquito net comes folded into a flat travel package that’s easy to stow with luggage, backpacks, and other camping accessories. The design can fit one to two people comfortably thanks to the 41 foot circumference and total height of eight feet. The net is made of polyester and imported material.

As a circular design, it tends to be more versatile than some of the square designs. It can fit over two typical camping cots, two sleeping bags, or a double bed. There are technically six models to choose from. The traveler’s double size is the most spacious and easy to fit over a bed. You can also select single or double sizes of the traveler’s net, infant net, or hiker’s net.

The net hangs from a single suspension point. At the bottom, there are a number of tie-down points that allow you to secure it on the ground. You have the choice between 180 or 240 holes per square inch of mesh. The 240 hole mesh is more densely woven, so it’s more likely to keep out tiny insects like no-see-ums as well.

A lightweight hanging kit is included with every net, so you don’t have to worry about struggling with setup. The goal of the net is to provide completely enclosed protection around your cot or sleeping bag whether you sleep indoors or outdoors. You will need to purchase rope or poles to anchor and suspend the net.


#2. Kamp-Rite Insect Protection System

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Kamp-Rite has created an integrated insect protection system. This is the most complexly designed net on the list, and it offers levels of protection against more than just bugs. As such, it’s also the most expensive. But if you want to save on the costs of a tent by combining a net with a flexible sleeping space, this is a great option.

The system is designed for use with a standard-sized camping cot. It isn’t big enough to sleep more than one person. Since it also isn’t an adjustable net that you can tie down at your leisure, it’s also less versatile than some other options. The net is lightweight and folds up to be compact.

Rather than opening on the ground, the system is designed like a tent. It includes a flap with easy-to-use zippers that resist corrosion, along with high-quality buckles, hooks, and clips. This tent is designed to stand up to prolonged and frequent use. The netting is see-through, allowing you to view the stars while staying safe from bugs.

Unlike many other options, this net setup incorporates a rain fly. When you close it, the tent stays dry due to its waterproof construction, so you’re protected from both bugs and the weather. If you’re planning to backpack or camp in a rainy place, this is a good choice.

In addition to using a standard military-sized camping cot, you can place a sleeping bag directly on the ground without worrying about the netting lacking security. The design is helpful for disaster relief efforts in areas where diseases and illness from insects are a big concern.


#3. Sea to Summit Mosquito Box Net Shelter

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This is another mosquito net shelter with a unique design. Rather than being the size of a single cot or circular and adjustable, this shelter is shaped like a box. It allows you to create a room of protection wherever you are, whether that’s a campsite or just off the beaten path.

The net is designed for people traveling, trekking, and camping in the wilderness. In addition to protecting you against mosquito-borne illnesses, it also protects you against other insects. Mosquitoes are far from the only insects that can cause sickness, though they are the most common carriers of serious disease.

The polyester mesh netting is finer than most other nets on the market. In comparison to the 240 holes of some other entries on this list, this shelter’s mesh comes with 500 holes. This means that the perforations are half the size of the competition’s, which helps keep out tiny insects that might slip through other mesh. At the same time, you have ideal visibility and airflow.

The shelter has generous enough sizing to allow you space as you sleep or sit inside. There’s also skirting that you can place around your bed or cot to further anchor the shelter. By using the adjustable settings, you can keep the netting material away from your body as you sleep.

The use of multifilament polyester means that the shelter is strong enough to resist tears and stand up to heavy use, but it’s also lightweight enough to add to your backpacking gear. Since the netting is made from black mesh, you get high visibility of the night sky and your surroundings without needing to squint past fibers. If you travel with a bed, the skirt can be tucked underneath the mattress.

To secure the shelter, there are four corner peg loops. The kit also includes four tie cords, each of which is three meters in length. The shelter comes packaged in an individual stuff sack that’s compact enough to carry attached to a backpack or inside your backpack.


#4. Universal Backpackers Mosquito Net

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This mosquito net option from Universal Backpackers is among the largest on the list, so it’s a good option for those who want to cover a large area. It can be secured over beds ranging from single to king-size. You have a choice of two openings to enter, or a fully enclosed canopy. The design with openings is best for permanent and semi-permanent setups, while the full enclosure works best for temporary setups.

The net comes with a free carrying bag and a hanging kit to make setup easier. To offer full protection from mosquitoes, the net uses an elastic bottom that can be wrapped around a mattress or bed. As such, it doesn’t work well for sleeping bags or setups that don’t have a floor to be secured around. However, it does offer more fully enclosed protection than a net that lacks elastic on the bottom.

The extra-large net size can fit everything from single to king sized beds. It’s hard to find net protection that’s large enough to fully enclose a king-sized area, which is what sets this option apart. There’s also an elastic loop incorporated into the top of the design, which prevents you from accidentally tearing the mesh as you pull the net down to dissemble it.

The netting itself weighs less than a pound, coming in at just 0.8 pounds. It only needs one attachment point to set up thanks to the conical design. All of the mesh is crafted from durable polyester with 256 perforations per square inch. No dangerous products or chemicals have been incorporated.


Final Thoughts

The 240-hole Coghlan is a good choice for travelers who are planning to do any backpacking and hiking. It provides ideal protection. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include the ropes and poles necessary for setup.

The Kamp-Rite is the most expensive net on the list, but it also includes a rain fly and protects you like a tent. If you want an extra level of protection, this insect protection system is a good choice.

The Sea to Summit mosquito shelter is a square shape that can sleep two people. With 500 holes per square inch of mesh, it’s capable of keeping out the majority of insects and pests while still allowing airflow and visibility.

If you want a mosquito net that can protect mattresses from single sizes to king sizes, the Universal Backpackers option is good for you. The elastic on the bottom allows the tent to be fully enclosed, but it won’t work well without a mattress to be secured to.

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