Mosquito Control For The Yard

Summer is fast approaching which means- guess what- mosquito breeding season! That’s right, mosquitoes tend to breed more heavily towards mid-July, which means you need to be more educated and prepared in order to mosquito proof your property.

Mosquitoes tend to favor these types of environments for breeding- pools, fishponds, birdbaths, water basins, etc.

The reason why these particular areas are most common for breeding mosquitoes is the stagnant property of these locations.

Non-circulating and still waters are most favorable to female mosquitoes when laying their eggs, because the eggs will not be disturbed by any movement as they incubate, and the waters are isolated from most predators.

There a four stages of life for mosquitoes, these are, in chronological order- egg, larvae, pupae, and finally into a fully developed mosquito.

Warmer climates and temperatures will increase the rate of development from pupae to a full fledged mosquito in a matter of days.

Certain species have special capabilities, ranging from- mild bites to transmitting diseases and viruses, such as Dengue fever and Malaria.

Some species are able to reproduce once a year, while others can reproduce multiple times in a year.

Tips for Maintaining a Mosquito Unfriendly Environment

Eliminate all stagnant water sources- this includes pools or puddles of water collecting in the same place over a period of time.

Mosquitoes favor this type of environment for breeding, since it sits in an undisturbed location. If you’re going to have ponds, birdbaths, water fountains, swimming pools, or spas- ensure that you always have circulating water, otherwise it may become an invitation for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

If you’re not able to maintain water flow, then at least add a pesticide/Bti larvicide into your body of water. This will ensure that any eggs that are deposited into the water will not survive.

Caution: Be sure that you read and follow the directions printed on the packaging label. Use of these chemicals may be hazardous to humans and other living animals if exposed.

Create your own pond ecosystem- if you plan to have a pond, consider introducing the following to create a harmonious balance- not only to sustain life, but also to eliminate any possibility for mosquito infestation of the pond- toads, tadpoles, goldfish, gambusia affinis (mosquito fish), and killifish.

Note: Mosquito fish are a very aggressive species, so don’t plan on having any other species if you want a thriving pond.

Dragonflies prey on fully grown mosquitoes; likewise, their young also prey on mosquito larvae.

For serious mosquito population control and elimination, the best devices on the market are the propane powered traps.

Any residual pests that aren’t exterminated by your pond residents will certainly be extinguished by a propane powered mosquito trap.