Best Cockroach Killer Powder

Cockroaches are nasty pests that can infect your home with bacteria, viruses, potentially deadly pathogens, and allergens. They’re also notoriously hard to kill. When you’re dealing with cockroaches, you need to use an insect killer that’s been proven effective against them. But what are the best choices?

Cockroach killing powders are often more easily controlled than sprays. They also don’t leave behind a sticky chemical residue. The most commonly used cockroach killer in powder form is boric acid, but there are other powdered insecticides that can also work.

Best Cockroach Killer Powders

Product Volume Number in Pack Indoor and Outdoor Use


16 ounces 2 No


16 ounces 1 No


20 ounces 1 Yes

#1. Zap-a-Roach Boric Acid Ant and Roach Killer

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Boric acid is well-known for being one of the best roach killers available. It’s highly toxic to a number of other insects, too, with fleas, ants, silverfish, and water bugs being among them. Though you may think of acid as a liquid, boric acid is actually formed into granulated powder. When insects trod in it, the toxic chemicals work quickly enough that they will perish in seventy-two hours or less.

Each bottle of the Zap-a-Roach killer comes with a full pound of powder. The bottles also have an easy-application top. All you have to do is take the top off and run the bottle along the areas you want to infect. The best places are ones that you know the roaches frequent, like the cracks they move through to get to and from their nest. Depending on how much area needs treatment, you can get the bottles in packs of two, three, or six.

One concern that many people have when choosing a roach killer is the effect it’ll have on their home. Boric acid is relatively safe for you to use around children and pets. With that said, the bottles should always be kept out of reach of pets and children, and you shouldn’t put the substance down anywhere that children or pets may ingest it. Ingesting boric acid can lead to a medical emergency.

The actual structure of your home is also safe. This is a non-staining compound, so it won’t leave discoloration or residue behind on your household surfaces. You can sprinkle the powder behind your refrigerator and oven, along your baseboards, and over your flooring without ruining your floors or walls.

The formula is created to be odorless. Unlike many chemical insecticides, which use strong-smelling synthetic ingredients, the boric acid compound can be used throughout the home without causing respiratory distress. You also won’t need to worry about anyone with asthma or allergies breathing in chemicals they may be sensitive to. If you do mix boric acid in a way that moves a lot of powder into the air, though, you should use a respiratory mask.

If you have trouble reaching any areas with the applicator, you can shake the powder into a spoon and use that to sprinkle it over the surface. This will help you get hard-to-reach crevices, corners, and cracks. The manufacturer recommends applying a liberal amount to problem areas, particularly damp places like drains, pipes, and easily-moistened tiles.

The package comes with two bottles of the ant killer. This formula has been used and proven since 1946, and it’s comprised from a 100 percent concentration of boric acid. You shouldn’t use this killer in areas where food is processed or prepared, and you should be careful that pets and children can’t eat it.


#2. Harris Boric Acid Killer Powder with Lure

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This is one of the best roach killers on the market. Like the previous option on the list, it utilizes boric acid as the active killing ingredient. However, this formula also introduces an attractant. The other boric acid doesn’t lure the cockroaches in, so you have to rely on placing it in their predicted paths. This powder, on the other hand, smells like food. It entices the roaches out from hiding, allowing you to kill more of a nest in one fell swoop.

This is also a relatively affordable option, even if you won’t get quite the same quantity of powder for the same price as with the previous option. There’s a pound of powder in the single bottle included in the package. Also included is an easy applicator tip for even application, plus an extender straw to let you enter hard-to-reach places.

The formula is long lasting. That’s one of the most appealing things. Rather than needing to apply the powder repeatedly, all you have to do is set it down once. The powder will eventually wash away, but it can offer up to twelve consecutive weeks of protection as long as it doesn’t get wet. Any insect that contacts the powder will die in a maximum of seventy-two hours, even if it doesn’t ingest the formula.

This formula is manufactured in the United States. It has undergone extensive lab testing to prove its efficacy. In addition to being an effective roach killer with an attractive lure, the powder has been registered with the EPA. It meets the EPA’s standards for a powder that’s safe to use in households with pets and people. If you’re concerned about the toxic chemicals in other pesticides, this is a viable alternative.

Of course, you should be sure that you follow all the instructions on the label. Don’t place the powder in areas where your child or pet could ingest it, or in areas where it might contaminate the food preparation process.


#3. Bayer Tempo 1% Dust

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This roach killer from Bayer is a little different from either of the previous options. The biggest difference is that it doesn’t use boric acid as its active ingredient. Since the powder won’t have its efficacy diluted by water, this product is designed for use both indoors and outdoors. Even if you live in an area with a lot of rain, it can continue protecting your property.

Every package comes with a bottle that contains 1.25 pounds of powder with an easy-applicator top. According to the manufacturer, each pound of powder is rated to cover one thousand square feet, meaning that one bottle could cover up to 1,250 square feet. The active ingredient is cyfluthrin, an insecticide that appears in a one percent concentration.

The insecticide may be more toxic to children and pets than boric acid, so you should use it with caution when you’re indoors. Make sure you always read the warnings and follow the instructions on the label prior to use. The manufacturer has specified that this powder should not be used in areas that process or prepare food.

Some of the places that this powder is rated for use include man made structures, buildings, non-food-related handling buildings, transportation vehicles that aren’t transporting food, storage areas that aren’t storing food, hotels, houses, hospitals, and warehouses.


Final Thoughts

If you want a large amount of cockroach killing powder available at a low price, the best place to start is with the Zap-a-Roach killer. Each bottle comes with one pound of powder, and you can buy them in packs of two, three, or even six. The top has a squeeze-bottle applicator that allows you to evenly and easily distribute powder across desired areas. This is an odorless roach killer that doesn’t have an attractant. It works primarily with boric acid, which is relatively safe for use in the home.

If you want a powder formula that also includes a lure, the Harris powder is your best bet. Boric acid alone won’t attract cockroaches. It will kill them if they tread on it, though. The Harris formula adds a lure that smells like food. This entices the cockroaches to leave their nest and come out of the hiding places. You’re likely to kill more cockroaches with this acid powder, but you also don’t get as large a quantity for the same amount of money. The Harris formula has been registered with the EPA and classified as safe for use in homes with pets and people.

The Bayer Tempo powder is the one you want if you’re looking for a powder that’s optimized for use both indoors and outdoors. In addition to killing roaches inside the home, you can kill them before they’ve even entered the foundation. One bottle comes with 1.25 pounds of the powder. According to the manufacturer, every pound is capable of covering up to a thousand square feet. Like some other models, this bottle has a squeeze design and easy-applicator top that make applying the powder simple.

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