Bed Bugs Extermination Nyc

Bedbugs are a horrible part of reality. They are slimy, they are hard to capture, they can lie comatose for weeks, even months at a time, then they can strike!

Leaving ugly marks on your most private parts; your neck, your arms, your ankles, your calf; it’s not a pretty way to live and when you have bedbugs you can be solely focused on one thing; getting rid of them!

So it is for Bell Environmental Services; they operate in the tri-state area as NYC Bedbugs and they are ready to help you sleep easier; knowing that your bed and your home are no longer infested with those grubby little critters.

As states very clearly, “Anyone can get bed bugs. Not everyone can get rid of them.” It is no surprise for this scribe that getting rid can be the hardest part.

Identification and verification is easy; making history of the bed bugs in your home is the part that many of us struggle with.

You can get the bed-bag so that they have nowhere to live in the bed itself, then you’ve got to remember the cracks; you can (as my wife did) spackle all the holes in your bed frame but they can live in the cracks between the cracks, in the floor, in other rooms and make their way to your bedbug nightmares!

Bell Environmental Services are very clear about the course of action; you need to act fast! “Do not waste time and money on an inexperienced pest control provider not properly skilled in the latest and most effective methods of treating bed bugs.

” NYC Bedbugs even brings in the cavalry; literally: “Our specially trained Bed Bug Dog, Roscoe can sniff out the Bed Bugs!” Bell Environmental and NYC Bedbugs have bred a bed bug sniffing dog!

That’s pretty amazing! But that’s what any length of time in the business will do for you; with more than 40 years experience, the family run business of Bell Environemental and NYC Bedbugs have quite a rich history and wealth of experience.

So what seperates Bell Environemental and NYC Bedbugs from every other Tom, Dick, and Harry on the block? What makes their services invaluable to the tri-state?

Cryonite. That’s right; if you’ve never heard of the stuff before; you’re probably in the majority; but this stuff is the real deal. Cryonite actually freezes Bedbugs on contact!

“Advanced Cryonite® technology is a method by which carbon dioxide snow actually freezes bed bugs and other pests dead on contact, without the use of any pesticides or harsh chemicals.

” But don’t worry about becoming a toxic crusader; according to Bell: “Not only is Cryonite® environmentally safe, it is non-toxic and perfect for use in hospitals, health care facilities, dorm rooms, commercial environments, corporate offices and in the food industry.”

If you’re waking up with these annoying marks on your skin, give the folks over at Bell Environmental a call and say bye-bye bed bugs!

To learn more about Bell Environmental, NYC Bedbugs, Cryonite, or anything else to do with these guys, check their website or give them a call for a free consultation!

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