Bed Bugs In Homeless Shelters

Bedbugs are often thought of as pests to be found primarily in the Deep South. Although there are bedbugs in such states as South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, they are also found further north, including, for example, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

Bedbugs become public especially when the public shares clothing or living quarters. For a discussion of bedbugs and used clothing, consider the article, “Bedbugs from Second Hand Stores and Thrift Shops.”

I’m a Skeptic, Prove It!

Doubt that bedbugs are a problem as far north as Indiana? If so, check out this video of an actual outbreak.

Still skeptical-then consider this: the Environmental Protection Agency informs announces, “Federal Agencies to Convene National Bed Bug Summit Feb 1-2.” Yes, bedbugs are becoming a rising problem in the continental United States.

How Bad Is It?

The increasing problem of bedbugs has become so bad, the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program at Cornell University has put out a bedbug manual for homeless shelters and group homes.

Still not convinced? What if you heard that bedbugs are so bad they are now a problem as far north as Toronto, Canada? That might convince you? Well the Centers for Disease Control tells us it is just that bad.

What Can Be Done about It?

There are many articles online about dealing with the problem of bed bugs at the personal level. Newsweek, however, has published an online article about what the U.S. Government is doing to combat the problem.

That article references the use of pesticides and other matters, and can be found here. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and the Environmental Protection Agency have issued a joint statement concerning the matter, here.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Meanwhile, what are homeless shelters doing to alleviate the problem? The Charleston Daily Mail, writing concerning a city wherein the author of this article suffered his only bedbug bite, is taking strict measures.

They are taking multiple steps to solve the serious problem. If you would like to see what sort of measures are required to even hope to solve the problem, you will be interested in reading this.

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