Bed Bug Knowledge

Since bed bug bites are easy to confuse with mosquito, dust mite, or sand bug bites you need to know as much as possible before you bump into them.

Knowing what you are looking at early in the process will help you find and destroy them before they spread. This is a list of 10 facts you need to know.

1. Bed bugs feed on blood, preferably human blood. They do this with two long beaks or tubes.

2. One of the beaks contains saliva. It has an anesthetic which deadens the pain when the tube goes into your skin. The saliva also has an anticoagulant to help the blood flow.

3. The other beak sucks blood. The bed bug fills and gets fat.

4. Bed bugs are nighttime insects. They especially like to feed right before dawn, although they can feed anytime during the night.

5. Before a Bed Bug has eaten it is oval and flat. It can hide almost anywhere, the seams of mattresses, clothes, and furniture. They can also hide in the cracks of wood, metal, and plastic. Electronics like clocks can have the bugs too.

6. An adult bed bug can live over 18 months without feeding. They just hide and wait till an animal comes along to get their meal.

7. Female Bed Bugs lay 300 eggs in their lifetime. They will lay a few eggs every day. The eggs are very sticky and easy to miss.

8. Every 10 days Bed Bug nymphs hatch. They start of life cycle of six stages.

9. A professional exterminator with experience surrounding bed bugs is the best choice. They are expensive

10. There are some DIY processes that are very difficult.

Lagniappe means “a little extra.” You need to remember bed bugs spread fast. They do this by hiding on almost anything and going where ever that person or piece of furniture goes.

It does not matter if you are an immaculate housekeeper, just like lice, you can still get bed bugs. You need to know what to look for. You or anyone else can bring bed bugs into your house.