Are Ants Dangerous?

Ants have been with humans since ancient times. We do not take them seriously and most of us just allow them to do their thing and only take some action when we are adversely affected. And that’s where the danger lies.

Ants Can Threaten Life

Since ants are mostly irritating, many people are not aware that some ant species can actually threaten life. Depending on the ants and the number of bites they inflict, they could not only cause small irritations, but can also cause death.

Scientists have discovered that there are more than 16,000 ant species of ants around the world. The numbers of ant species are still growing as scientists have found out. Although most ant species are considered as pests, a vast majority of them are not that harmful to humans.

But that also means that some are dangerous. Red ants for example are the most feared of all ants since their bites really sting. If you have been bitten by several red ants at the same time, you could be incapacitated. Their venom can cause anaphylaxis in humans and animals which can cause death if not immediately treated.

Kinds Of Ants To Watch Out For

Most of the ants that invade your home will just be ordinary pests unless they are red ants or fire ants. But there are ants that can also destroy the wooden structures of your home. Since they are coming from dirty environments, they can also contaminate your food and make you sick.

There are many dangerous ants around the world but very few of them are found in the US. In Australia, there are deadly ants like the bull ant and ants that eat meat. The saifu ants or green tree ants which are found in Asia are also dangerous.

One kind of deadly ant that is found in the US particularly in Florida is the Florida harvester. There are reports of people bitten to death by these ants. Mostly, you will find several kinds of black ants in your home. The smaller ones are called Pavement ants which are generally harmless.

You need to watch out for the big black ants. They are called Carpenter ants and they are the ones that can damage the wooden structures of your house. These ants will eat moldy or moist wood to build their colonies or homes. They will do these to outer and indoor woods.

Why Are There Ants In Your Home?

Ants are always searching for food. Therefore if they see that your home has a lot of food sources, they will invade it. Your kitchen is the most attractive place for ants when they are hunting for food.

Left-overs foods for pets, bread crumbs, kitchen waste and all sorts of foodstuffs that are left on kitchen tables and on countertops will surely attract hundreds of ants from outside of your home.

Ant colonies are usually situated outside of your home. What happens is that a colony will send out scouts to search for food sources. Once they found a food resource, hundreds of ant workers will invade your home to gather that food source until it is completely depleted.

What Kinds Of Ants Typically Invade Homes?

There are many species of ants, but there are certain species that typically invade homes. Here are the most common types of ants that you will see in your home.

Sugar ants

This is a common term used for ants that are attracted to sugary and sweet foods. If some ants are crawling around a can of sugar or a drop of honey in your countertop, they can either be odorous house ants, acrobat ants or Pharaoh ants.

These ants are usually about ¼ inch long with black or brown colors. They are attracted to sweets and any food stuff that have sugary tastes.

Pavement ants

These ants are small with either brown or black colors. If you see small hills of sand or dirt in your driveway or between slabs of stones outside, these are the colonies or homes of pavement ants.

They are generally harmless but their homes or colonies can be unsightly. Although they can build their homes on stone slabs or wooden structures, they won’t cause any damage to the structure of the house.

Carpenter Ants

These ants are dangerous because they are considered as insects that can destroy wood whether it is located inside or outside of the house. They can be distinguished from other types of ants by their size and black color. They are typically longer than ¼ inch.

But they are not like termites which eat wood. These ants chew wood and then regurgitate the wood to build their pathways. If you see small piles of wood shavings in your home, black ants may have already invaded your home.

Ants Can Contaminate Your Food

Although most ants are not life-threatening, they can contaminate your food which can make you sick. This should be one of your priorities in eliminating ants from your home. Ants are constantly moving around in areas that are not clean and picking up bacteria along the way.

If they get into your food, they could contaminate it with whatever dirt or germs that they are carrying. Once you put this food inside your body, you can get sick. Pharaoh ants which are attracted to sugary and sweet foods are known carriers of Staphylococcus.

There is also a possibility of contracting salmonella if you will eat foods that have been invaded by ants.

How To Get Rid Of Ant In Your Home

Ants will invade your home to search for food. Therefore, your strategy in getting rid of them should be:

  • To keep all foods in tightly sealed containers
  • To ensure that there will be no crumbs of foods lying around
  • To avoid leaving dirty and used dishes on the sink
  • To clean all floors and surfaces regularly
  • To eliminate molds and moisture problems
  • To seal all the small gaps around doors and windows

Ants Are Really Dangerous

The information provided in this article seems to prove that there are ants that are really dangerous. Therefore, you really need to take all the necessary precautions to prevent them from invading your home.

If your house is already infested with ants, it may even be necessary for you to ask the help of a professional ant exterminator to get them out.

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